There’s A Fallout Chess Set Complete With Pip Boy Board And Holographic Pieces

I’m not sure if this is new and I don’t really care either way because it’s that awesome. There’s a Fallout chess set complete with a Pip Boy board as well as pieces that look holographic, based on your favourite characters from the Fallout franchise.

In Australia, it appears to be available at EB Games for a hefty $108. It’s fairly pricey, but there’s nothing more awesome than a Fallout chess set. You can find it RIGHT HERE.

Here’s everything you get with it:

  • 16 Green Hologram Hero Pieces:
    • Lone Wanderer (King)
    • Dogmeat (Queen)
    • Mr. Handy (Rooks)
    • BOS (Brotherhood of Steel) Scribes (Bishops)
    • BOS Knights (Knights)
    • Vault Dwellers (Pawns)
  • 16 Grey Hologram Villain Pieces:
    • Super Mutant Master (King)
    • Deathclaw (Queen)
    • Protectrons (Rooks)
    • Glowing Ones (Bishops)
    • Sentry Bots (Knights)
    • Raiders (Pawns)