Australian HQ Trivia Launched Tonight With A Question About John ‘Farnsy’ Farnham

I wasn’t aware this was happening, but it turns out that HQ Trivia (the extremely successful live game show) had its first local Australian game tonight with a $600 prize pool.

Australia is only the third country in the world (outside of America) to get our own local version of the game and it’ll be happening at 9pm AEST every week day.

It turns out that only a few questions were Australia related, including this absolute banger question about John Farnham (that a surprising amount of people didn’t know the answer to).

There were only about 8,000 people playing by the looks of things which means that there’s probably likely to be less winners at the end (and probably the reason for the smaller prize pool).

Each winner took out about $24 each, which people seem pretty happy with. A legend named KangarooJack won, so all seemed well.

The Australian version of the show is hosted by Australian TV host and actress Lyndsey Rodrigues.

You can get both versions of the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.