Two Of Australia’s Biggest Gaming YouTubers Are Under Fire For Offensive Tweets

An explosive article on the front page of The Daily Telegraph is reporting that The Australian Defence Force has dropped support of Australian YouTubers Alan ‘ChampChong’ Catak and Elliot ‘Muselk’ Watkins after they uncovered offensive tweets made by the pair.

The Daily Tele is reporting that both YouTubers were paid thousands of dollars ($52,500 to be exact) to make YouTube videos spruiking air force recruitment before it was discovered that tweets from both online personalities had contained derogatory comments towards certain races, religious groups as well as the LGBTQI community.

Defence Minister Marise Payne has gone on the record to say that the decision to hire the two was a failure of due diligence. “The material is offensive and has no place in any relationship with the Australian Defence Force or the Defence organisation” said Payne.

Whilst I’m not wanting to repeat what the tweets in question said, they were definitely offensive on many levels. It’s also worth noting that as far as I can tell, they were all prior to the ADF collaboration taking place (with some in excess of 5+ years ago).

Neither Muselk or ChampChong have updated their social channels today.