PS4 Firmware Update 6.50 Allows You To Play Your Games On Phones/Tablets And It’s Out Now

Sony has just released PS4 firmware update 6.50 and the biggest new feature brings remote play functionality to iPhone, iPad and Android phones/tablets. It comes in at 442mb and is available to download right now.

The remote play functionality doesn’t allow you to use a DualShock 4 which seems quite odd, but it does provide on-screen controls to play your PS4 games remotely. You can grab the app right HERE (Android) or HERE (iOS)

The other noteworthy feature is being able to switch the O/X buttons for select, if you’ve purchased a console overseas or just prefer having these options.


  • You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 system from devices such as smartphones and tablets. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the App Store
  • You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live.This service is available only in certain countries and regions
  • You can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from thebutton to thebutton. Select(Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox for [UseButton for Enter].This option is available only for specific countries and regions.