Netflix Is Coming To Foxtel

Foxtel has announced a massive shake up to its service today with the announcement that they’re officially partnering with Netflix. This update will allow you to access your Netflix content right on your Foxtel box, which means the two services will combine all of your programs into one UI.

The entire Foxtel UI is getting upgraded too. This will happen starting today for IQ4 users and then filter down to IQ3 users in September.

A brand new remote is also being introduced which will put the Netflix button right there with your regular Foxtel buttons. It’s not clear how billing will work and if there will be a discount to access Netflix content, but it’s assumed that there will be a bundle of sorts.


  • More on demand content than ever, including complete series box sets.
  • Redesigned interface which simplifies discovering and navigating Foxtel’s 16,000 hours of TV on demand, just one-click away using the remote home button.
  • Personalised recommendations for customers based on their viewing history.
  • Integration of app-based streaming services starting with Netflix, the world’s largest video on demand streaming service. SBS On Demand will arrive in coming months.
  • New Foxtel remote featuring a home button and a Netflix button.

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