Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ Australian Price And Release Date

Samsung has today unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, which are the companies two new flagship phones. Despite them being pricey (which phones aren’t at this point), they’re pretty damn nice to look at and seem to have a bigger feature-set than other flagship phones on the market. The new smaller bezel in particular looks great, and I’m actually a big fan of the camera placement.


The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Samsung Galaxy Note10+ are releasing on August 23rd in Aura Glow, Aura White and Aura Black. Pre-orders open on August 8th and if you pre-order between 9am AEST on August 8th and 11:59pm AEST on August 22nd, you’ll get a free pair of Samsung’s newly-announced AKG Wireless Headphones (which are worth $499).


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will set you back $1499 for the cheapest model, with the Plus starting at $1,699. If you’re looking for the 5G model, you’re looking at $1,999.

The Galaxy Note 10 comes in two sizes. The Note 10 has a 6.3 inch cinematic infinity display (which makes it the most compact Note yet). The Note 10+ has a massive 6.8 inch Cinematic Infinity Display, making it more beautiful and vibrant than ever. The brand new Cinematic Infinity Display is nearly bezel-less with the front camera now taking prime spot in the centre of the screen. It also features an AMOLD display with HDR10+ certification and Dynamic Tone Mapping.

The new Note10 cameras introduced Live Focus which introduces depth of field adjustments Zoom-In-Mic amplifies the audio in frame and pushes background nose aside. There’s also a brand new night time mode which should allow for taking better quality pictures after dark.

The Note10 introduces Air actions which allows you to control certain aspects of the device using gestures. The Note10 also features a new pen that allows you to have your handwriting transformed to digital text in Samsung notes.


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