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SOURCE: Nick Vavitas

Mountain Dew Doritos AKA The Ultimate Gamer Snack Have Hit Australia First

I had to triple check to make sure this wasn’t an April Fools joke.

Any gamer would know that there’s some hilarious inside jokes when it comes to gamers and Mountain Dew/Doritos (for many, many reasons over the years). Well, it turns out that starting today PepsiCo has dropped Mountain Dew Doritos into Australian stores (we get them before anyone else in the world). This was first spotted on Food Instagrammer, Nick Vavitis page.

It’s unclear if they’re hitting Woolworths/Coles, but they’re definitely available in 7/11 stores. I highly doubt they’re worth heading out to stores for though. They apparently have a lemon/lime type flavour, but I honestly couldn’t even imagine what that would taste like.

Dorito’s Australian Brand Manager said the below to Daily Mail: “Aussie consumers are the first in the world to have the chance to try this unique new product that needs to be tasted, to be believed. To create this unique flavour, we partnered with our beverages and research and development teams to ensure we got the flavour just right – and we think our consumers are going to love the result.”

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Go home, Australia, because you’re officially the drunkest country on the planet right now. 😂 New Mountain Dew Doritos, which I swear to God is absolutely 100% real, just dropped in the Land Down Under. The back of the package promises the Lemon Citrus flavor of @mountaindew with the signature full-on crunch of Doritos. This shouldn’t exist but it does. Big shoutout to my man @nickvavitiss for sending over a pic, hopefully him and I can do a swap so I can review this clown show of a product. Curious and deranged minds can likely find these on the Internet in the near future.

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