EA’s Upcoming Games Will Be Upgraded To Next Gen Versions For Free

There’s still a lot of unknowns when it comes to how cross-gen will work. We know that Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X will let gamers upgrade their games for free. Sony has also done similar things in the past with cross-play working on PS3, Vita and PS4, but their stance for PS5 is unclear.

EA has come out today to say that upcoming games for the current generation can be “upgraded for free” to run on “next generation” hardware. It’s unclear if they’re talking about Smart Delivery, their own solution, or if they’re leading on that the PS5 will utilise something similar, but it’s good to have confirmation from another publisher that we’ll be able to buy games for PS4/Xbox One later this year and then have that same version carry over to Xbox Series X and PS5.

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We don’t know a lot about EA’s lineup of 2020 games, but we do know that they plan to release 14 games before March 2021, including a new sports title as well as a new HD remaster of one of their franchises.

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