EA’s New Star Wars Game Could Be Revealed Next Week

Activity on twitter suggests that the studio behind EA’s Project Maverick could reveal their brand new Star Wars game as early as next week. According to reports, the development studio, Motive Montreal, has recently joined Twitter for the very first time, using the platform to express how eager they are to connect with the gaming community.

At this stage, it’s pure speculation but various replies to the tweet, including one from VentureBeat and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb suggests that a reveal, perhaps as early as June 2, is imminent. Bear with us here as we try to explain why this is likely.

According to Grubb’s “Summer Game Mess” on Twitter, we’re going to see a reveal for something covertly titled “Mel Gibson picture” on June 2nd.

Maverick is a 1994 western comedy film that has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars or its extended properties, but it does indeed star Mel Gibson, giving rise to the obscure moniker featured on Grubb’s list. In addition, Grubb responded to the tweet from Motive Montreal with a GIF of Tom Cruise in his role as Maverick from Top Gun. So clearly, a lot of current film references for the kids out there.

Fortunately, we don’t have all that long to wait until we find out whether June 2nd is indeed a key date or not but, either way, welcoming Motive Montreal to Twitter does indeed seem like a step in the direction of finding out more about their upcoming project(s) in the near future and we’re definitely looking forward to it.