Skate 4 Might Have An Online Open World

EA’s CEO, Andre Wilson, has hinted that an open-world could be featured in the upcoming Skate 4. According to Wilson, while speaking with investors, Skate 4 will include “user-generated content, open-world, and interaction,” so as to keep up with current trends in the industry. He went on to say that “For many people, skateboarding isn’t just a sport: it unlocks their access to art, culture,” making clear the importance of players to be able to exercise their creativity via skateboarding in the real world and now, hopefully, in the world of the Skate franchise.

Skate 4 was originally announced as a complete surprise at end of the EA Play Live 2020 showcase and is apparently already in the early days of development. The announcement was made by franchise director Deran Chung and creative director Chris Parry, remarking on the overwhelming demand from fans of the Skate franchise on all social media platforms, requesting, if not begging for Electronic Arts to revive the beloved series.

Thanks, VGC!