Skate 4 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage Has Leaked

Though we’ve fad a few morsels of updates here and there since Skate 4 (officially branded as Skate.) was officially announced back in 2020, we haven’t actually seen much from the development perspective. This changed today when a random clip was posted to (and since deleted from), showcasing some pre-alpha footage of a textureless skater in a textureless environment running around, emoting, front flipping and even landing a couple of actual tricks on his skateboard.

Despite the strange watermark, this is the best look we’ve had at Skate. gameplay so far and though it has been stripped back to the very basics, it’s still looking pretty bloody good. The movement appears fluid, the tricks look good and natural and it seems like the motion capture techniques the development team have been using are really paying off.

We don’t expect to see Skate launch in full anytime soon but it’s still nice to know that it truly is in development and that bit by bit it is coming together. This is a highly anticipated game that has been incessantly requested by fans for over a decade so we can only hope that it lives up to expectations when it does eventually start shipping at some unknown point in the future.