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Netflix Is Making Splinter Cell And Far Cry: Blood Dragon Inspired Animated Shows

In addition to the previously announced Assassin’s Creed TV series in the works under the partnership of Ubisoft and Netflix, they’ve expanded their goals and set their sights on creating not one, but two series set in the Far Cry universe as well as a series based on Splinter Cell.

The creative team for the Far Cry series is still coming together and finding their vision, but a six-episode order has been signed off on for a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon series called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix — also known as the most 80s thing I’ve ever heard. The series has been described as “an original anime featuring alter egos of Ubisoft characters in a highly-referenced homage to the early 80s.”

In addition to being a standalone piece of content for 2013’s Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon has also featured within the Trials universe in their spin-off title Trials of the Blood Dragon.

Variety has reported that Bobbypills is the production studio behind the series with Adi Shankar attached as creator and executive producer.

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In what will likely be a heartbreaking turn for Splinter Cell hopefuls everywhere, Sam Fisher is indeed back although it’s in anime form as his story, particularly following his recruitment into Third Echelon, is being adapted for the small screen. An eight-episode first season has been greenlit under the guidance of John Wick’s Derek Kolstad.

At the very least, perhaps the success of a Splinter Cell series might lead to bigger things down the track.