Seven Great-Looking Indie Trailers You Might Have Missed At The Game Awards

The Game Awards came and went yesterday with plenty of big announcements, big winners and big advertising dollars. While we were treated to some massive reveals like Alan Wake II and Sonic Frontiers alongside long-awaited updates on Hellblade II, Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, there were also a decent chunk of smaller indie titles featured that hopefully haven’t flown under too many people’s radars.

In case they did though, we’ve plucked our favourite indie trailers straight from the show to give you the chance to check them out sans the noise and marketing hype they were originally sandwiched inside of. Have a look:


This one opened the pre-show for this year’s The Game Awards and it was a super adorable note to start on. Not only does the trailer do a great job of showcasing why you should be paying attention to tunic (a lot of the Press Start team has played it in the past and we adore it!) but it also reveals the release date of March 16, 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC – it’s certainly been a long time coming!


This was a brand-new announcement and one that certainly caught my eye. Falcon Age developer Outerloop Games is back with a game that explores friendships, familial expectations, break-ups, small town gossip and cultural differences through… turn-based combat, skateboarding and cooking? It looks absolutely wild, incredibly hilarious and right up my alley. Annapurna Interactive is publishing Thirsty Suitors for PC “soon”.


Another new announcement, Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelite where you play as Death himself. Overworked and with his holiday plans cancelled, Death needs to wrangle his unruly employees and restore the balance of souls through procedurally-generated stages and brutal hack-and-slash combat. This one’s coming to early access on PC in March 2022.

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We’ve seen Planet of Lana before, but with each new look the game becomes more and more impressive. With a gorgeous art style, a thought-provoking world and (as highlighted at the show) a rousing soundtrack by the one and only Takeshi Furukawa, this will definitely be one to watch when it comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2022.


A new trailer for Somerville shown at The Game Awards yet again left us with more questions than answers, but this Inside-esque alien invasion adventure looks like exactly the right combination of tense and beautiful to be a surefire indie hit. Developer Jumpship has a decent pedigree of talent, so this will be one to look out for when it comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2022.


We have a date for Cuphead’s delicious new DLC expansion! The Delicious Last Course was shown off in a brand-new trailer at The Game Awards, giving us a glimpse at the hectic bosses we can expect to face off against when it finally arrives for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC on June 30th, 2022. The trailer is well worth a watch in itself if for nothing else than the excellent puppet work:


We first saw Tchia at a PlayStation showcase earlier in the year, but this new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards give us an even better look into its “soul-jumping” gameplay, where protagonist Tchia can inhabit the bodies of objects and animals in the world. The game looks magical and adorable, and it’s coming to PS4, PS5 and PC in 2022.