Aussies Can Now Order The Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO Set

UPDATE: The Sonic LEGO set is now available to order on the LEGO website. You can find it for $119 right HERE.

It’s looking like a good time to be a gamer and a fan of highly-collectible LEGO sets with a few more gaming-themed products seemingly coming in the near future.

First up is a set that we already knew about, one of LEGO’s “Ideas” sets that are inspired by community creations and then approved by both LEGO and the license holders to be turned into real sets available to consumers. The Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Ideas set is based on the recognisable Green Hill Zone starting level and we now have an idea of what it looks like thanks to a leaked box shot:

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As well as the Sonic set, a LEGO enthusiast account named brick_clicker has come across a now-deleted listing on German retailer Wagners’ website pertaining to a Horizon Zero Dawn-themed set featuring the Tallneck machine. No images were shown, but it carries a supposed release date of May 1, 2022 and a retail price of USD $80 if the listing was to be believed.

Neither concrete details of the Sonic the Hedgehog set or a confirmation of the Horizon set have come from LEGO as of yet.