SEGA’s Fortnite-Killer Super Game Project Involves Crazy Taxi And Jet Set Radio Reboots

According to a new report from Bloomberg, SEGA’s mission to mine the rich veins of gamer gold that Epic’s Fortnite sits on is going to involve revivals of two of the publishing giant’s cult classic IPs.

The report states that inside sources have confirmed big-budget reboots of both Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio are already in development as part of SEGA’s ‘Super Game’ initiative. SEGA announced this particular push a while back as a plan to spin its world-renowned IP both new and old into Fornite-esque platforms with living communities.

According to Bloomberg’s sources the Crazy Taxi game has been in development for a year already, but with both games still in early development there’s always the possibility for them to be shelved or folded into something else.

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Read the full (paywalled) Bloomberg report here.

In a financial report from last year, SEGA mentioned quite a few of its classic IPs by name alongside its Super Game plans, as well as the fact that a brand-new FPS title is in development at its Europeans studios as part of the Super Game initiative.