Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Has Launched In Two Countries

This is great!

Xbox has launched a family plan for Xbox Game Pass called Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family. Currently, it has launched in Ireland and Colombia and just as the name suggests, it allows a primary member to sign up for a Xbox Game Pass account and then share it with four people in their lives.

These other members do not need to be in the same household or using the same device, so you can literally share with anyone that is in the same country.

In Ireland, the individual cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is 12.99 euros a month (~$19 AUD) whilst the cost of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family (five accounts) is 21.99 euros a month (~32 AUD) which is a huge saving if you spit that among five people.

It’s unclear how long before Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family launches in other countries, but I’d imagine that it couldn’t be too long as this fits very well into Xbox’s “gaming is for everyone” strategy, particularly as we move close to Xbox Cloud Gaming being on more TVs and mobile devices.

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Here’s how Xbox describes Xbox Friends & Family.

“Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is a Game Pass plan that allows up to five friends and family members to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits.”

“With the Friends & Family plan, all five members enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, with their own unique access to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits, regardless of what device they play on. All the people you invite can play at the same time—you can even play together in the same game. Plus, you can include friends and family outside your household.”