doom running on a notepad

Anyway Here’s DOOM Running In Windows Notepad

Gives new meaning to "text based adventure"

DOOM. It’s been run on calculators, ATMs, even pregancy tests. A this point it’s basically a rite of passage for any device with a screen to be able to run the pioneering 1996 FPS.

The game also occasionally pops up in other ingenuous ways, as is the case with the below example from Twitter user @samnchiet, who has managed to get an ASCII-based version of the game running in the bog-standard Notepad app you’ll find on any Windows PC.

This build of DOOM is reportedly running at 60FPS, fully playable, with no modification to the code of the Notepad app itself. They plan on releasing a playable version to the public very shortly, at which point we’ll all be able to experience this technical marvel for ourselves.

Check it out below or a high-res version on YouTube.