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Here’s An Exclusive Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War Card Preview

We've got an exclusive early look at one of the set's new cards!

The next big Magic: The Gathering set, The Brothers’ War, is dropping soon on November 18th and we’re lucky enough to have a global exclusive card reveal from the set.

Journey back and save Dominaria. A brutal clash of mechanical armies from Magic’s storied past, The Brothers’ War will take you through a battle of titanic proportions. Innovation. Adaptation. Survival. Let’s retake the future.

The Brothers’ War is the epic retelling of the most consequential event in the Multiverse. This far-reaching epic event sets in motion nearly all that Magic is today, including being the catalyst for unleashing the greatest evil Magic has ever known—the Phyrexians.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at the exclusive reveal of one of the brand-new cards in MtG’s The Brothers’ War set. Here’s Gnawing Vermin:

magic the gathering gnawing vermin


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Gnawing Vermin is a one-mana cost creature card with 1/1 power and toughness. When the card enters the battlefield, a target player must mill two cards. When it dies, a target creature not in your control gets -1/-1 power and toughness until the end of the turn.

This card is, as the name and image of a nasty rodent suggest, a bit of a pest. Like nearly all Rat creatures, Gnawing Vermin is a low-cost black colour card that’s weak but designed to erode the opponent’s cards.

“Everyone warns about the sand and the food, but the rats are worse than both put together!”

– Sanwell, letter to his family

magic the gathering gnawing vermin

Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War is coming to major retailers and local game stores on November 18th. Head to the official website for full details on the set and where to buy.