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The Creator Of The Iconic PlayStation Logo Sound Has Passed Away

A true icon.

There are few sounds as recognisable, at least to anyone who’s so much as touched a video game, as the PlayStation logo sound – that fuzzy sort of chime noise that’s accompanied the PlayStation’s various logos in video adverts for about as long as they’ve been around.

Credited with the creation of that familiar sound was Tohru Okada, keyboardist for influential Japanese rock band, Moonriders, and composer for anime, video games and advertising.

Last week it was announced that Okada had sadly passed away, at the age of 73.

Born in April, 1949, Okada formed the band Moonriders along with his bandmates in 1975, a project that had great success in Japan and lasted until at least 2011. He also composed music for recognisable anime such as Mobile Suit SD Gundam along with the music for various 1990s Crash Bandicoot ads.

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Okada was hospitalized due to a compression fracture in early 2022.