tiny mass effect

Turns Out Mass Effect Looks Incredible With An Isometric Camera

More tilt-shifted games, please!

Here’s something I stumbled across on social media today that I just had to share – it’s called Tiny Mass Effect and it’s great.

It’s the creation of YouTuber, Flurdeh, and it uses a combination of mods and video editing to show what Mass Effect would look like if the third person over-the-shoulder camera was switched out in favour of fixed, isometric angles using tilt-shift depth of field effects. The result is both gorgeous and adorable, with the little space citizens milling around a diorama-esque Citadel, engaging in lil’ ol’ battles or just hanging out at Afterlife with their teensy pals. It absolutely looks like something I would play.


If the idea of “tiny” video games looks familiar, it’s because this isn’t Flurdeh’s first rodeo. They’ve done the same to a number of other high-profile games, from Tiny Elden Ring and Tiny Red Dead Redemption II to Tiny Final Fantasy VII Remake and even Tiny Dead Space (that’s one of my favourites).

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Flurdeh even has a Patreon so you can support the creation of more tiny video game videos as well as other regular video game visual content like The Beauty Of Video Games.

You can watch the full Tiny Mass Effect video here:

The most recent Mass Effect release was Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the first three games that we scored a huge 9.5/10, saying “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition stands tall as one of the best remasters that I’ve ever played. The amount of care and effort that has gone into restoring the original Mass Effect along with the other two games is unmatched. While there are some underlying minor design issues with the original game, Legendary Edition is the best way to experience the Mass Effect trilogy. Period.”