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Square Enix Is Releasing Final Fantasy VII NFT Trading Cards

Well, then.

Here we go, again.

Square Enix, not content with doing that other NFT game with over 10,000 characters, or its blockchain-enabled Play Arts figures, has revealed its next foray into things absolutely nobody wants – Final Fantasy VII NFT trading cards.

The new collection of cards, called Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus, is a physical trading card set where each pack contains six actual cards plus one “digital card” which is the NFT card. What that means for consumers is they’ll get six of the set’s total 207 unique cards, and one digital version at random which is verified on the blockchain as theirs to then own, trade, sell, and so on. Kind of like a real trading card, except if the Enjin platform that they’re verified on ever shuts down they may be gone forever.


If the idea of trading image files of actual cards featuring art you can already look at for free on the internet floats your boat, the set releases in Japan on March 31st and each pack will set you back 440 yen (around $5). Admittedly, the cards themselves are cool and I’d love to start collecting them, but there’s also the downside of sending a message to Square Enix that people want this stuff. Or maybe they do, and everything I learned about protecting the planet from Final Fantasy VII was false.

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“A 25th anniversary trading card packed with art, visuals, and famous scenes from the 25 years since the birth of Final Fantasy VII. There are 99 types of trading cards, 3 types of another normal cards, 102 types of premium cards (normal cards, foil specifications of another cards), and 3 types of secret cards for a total of 207 types. A collection where you can meet your favourite cards filled with the charm of Final Fantasy VII.

These cards can also be enjoyed digitally as “digital cards”.