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Dead Island 2-Themed Life Insurance Is A Real Thing

No Return Guarantee!

Here’s a strange one – a UK insurance provider called Dead Happy is offering a life insurance policy in collaboration with PLAION, themed on Dead Island 2.

Yep, as VGC reports, for the princely sum of £8,000 (around $15k AUD) on top of a base life insurance policy with the company, you can add on a “Deathwish” to your end-of-life plans which will send your friends and/or family to Los Angeles for a zombie-themed cocktail party upon your passing. Aside from the rather extravagant wake, the plan also covers your funeral expenses so you can “die responsibly” and with “no un-wanted comebacks.”

It’s an interesting take on a fairly morbid topic, but one that Dead Happy is apparently not shy towards – it offers a number of other Deathwishes for anyone in the UK who takes out a life insurance policy, including giving someone a tattoo or sending your ashes into space.

There is also, of course, a very tongue-in-cheek advertisement for the very real life insurance policy, which you can see here:

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To celebrate the launch of Dead Island 2 on April 21st, PLAION UK want to bring peace of mind to the still-breathing population, by teaming up with insurance company DeadHappy to offer a one-of-a-kind after-death instruction that guarantees (probably) that there’ll be no rising from the grave.

Aussies may not be able to get in on the Deathwish action, but you can be in with a chance to win a $3,149 custom Dead Island 2 Allied Patriot gaming PC and a HELL-A Edition of the game by entering our giveaway, which you can find right here.

We’ve also got hot tips for starting out your Dead Island 2 journey, and a bargain guide for anyone hoping to pick the game up as cheaply as possible.

Dead Island 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The cheapest copy is Amazon where it’s available for $78 including free shipping.