humble games showcase 2023

A New Humble Games Showcase Is Airing Next Week

Not to brag.

Humble Games, the only people out there giving Conner4Real a run for his money in the humility stakes, are gearing up to premiere a special Humble Games Showcase next week.

The publisher, which is known for bringing us some bonafide classics like Signalis and Unpacking, will be showing off a number of projects in the showcase which airs on May 18th (May 19th in Aussie time zones). Humble currently has a few games yet to launch including the hugely-exciting Melbourne production, Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical and Mineko’s Night Market, and it’s been teasing some of what we might see during the presentation.

One tweet reads, “Flow with grace. Brew some tea. Unlock your destiny. Master the acrobatic arts as you explore a mysterious and colorful new world of myth and legend.”

While another says, “Arm yourselves and fortify your defenses, for the horrors that reside within the mists have begun their approach… The remnants of humanity—of civilization itself—are in your hands.”

When To Watch The Humble Games Showcase In Australia

You’ll be able to catch the Humble Games Showcase, which is being presented by IGN, at the below times:

  • 3.00 AM AEST (Melbourne/Sydney/Hobart/Canberra/Brisbane)
  • 2.30 AM ACST (Adelaide, Darwin)
  • 1.00 AM AWST (Perth)
  • 5.00 AM NZDT (Wellington)

You can learn more about Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, being developed by the team at Summerfall Games in Melbourne and featuring a star-studded voice cast that includes Laura Bailey and Troy Baker, by heading here.

The next few weeks holds a lot in store for video game fans, with the absence of an E3 this year doing very little to disrupt a stacked line-up of showcases, livestreams and reveal events throughout the month of June. You can find our comprehensive list of what’s on, where to see it and what godawful times those of us running on the Aussie clock will have to be awake to see them live.