summer game fest 2023

Summer Game Fest’s Opening Showcase Will Be A Long One With Some “Pretty Big” Reveals

And some demos for the folks playing along at home.

It’s almost the season of big reveals and expensive CGI trailers for games that we’ll be able to play in 2030, and though it’s being somewhat soft-launched by this week’s giant PlayStation Showcase, the true kick-off begins with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

Taking place at the YouTube Theatre in Los Angeles and being beamed across the world in livestream, the Summer Game Fest-ivities begin as usual with an opening night showcase on June 9th at 5AM AEST (full list of local times here), promising new game reveals, updates, trailers and more.

Speaking to Brian Crecente in an interview published to the Epic Games website, Keighley has revealed that this year’s show will be two hours in length, which is slightly shorter than something like last year’s The Game Awards show, but sans any awards to give out it means it should be a stacked two hours of gaming content. Keighley also described the show as having more of a focus on putting developers on-stage to talk about their games in depth.

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“Whereas The Game Awards is very much straight trailer, trailer, trailer, announcement, announcement, announcement,” he said. “I think Summer Game Fest has a chance to talk to the developers and showcase games and give a little bit more context around games. We’re not giving out awards in the show. It really is just kind of a showcase of games.”

When it comes to what we’ll actually see, it’s mentioned that these big events usually feature one or two behemoth titles that wind up dominating the conversation among the dozens of other reveals, and while ol’ Geoff isn’t putting anything in concrete he’s teasing the potential of multiple sizeable appearances that will be “pretty big for this audience.”

“As I always say with these shows, one or two games kind of makes the entire difference,” he said. “As the producer, it’s challenging because sometimes you have those games, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you think you have them and they drop out or change.

We know at least one game that will absolutely feature in the event, though. Palworld.