The Team That Made Untitled Goose Game Is Working On Something New

Unannounced Game Game

House House, the folks who brought us the delightful Untitled Goose Game, have revealed that they’re working on another game with publisher Panic, announcing the “totally new, totally different” project during the Panic Games Showcase 2023.

In the video, we see Jake Strasser, Stuart Gillespie-Cook, Michael McMaster and Nico Disseldorp of House House looking very comfy in the bush somewhere with a pup. “Hello, we’re House House. You might remember us from a game we made about a goose a few years ago. We’re just here today to say that we’re working with Panic again on a new game,” McMaster reveals.

“It’s something totally new, totally different. We hope you like it. Doesn’t have a name yet, but I reckon we’ll figure it out. That’ll be fine.”

You can see the announcement as part of the Panic Games Showcase 2023 VOD below:

Untitled Goose Game launched all the way back in 2019, and at the time we said, “It’s clear that Untitled Goose Game is a labour of love from House House. It’s an entertaining honk-filled romp that’s guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s wanting to become a goose.”