Magic: The Gathering’s Whimsical Wilds Of Eldraine Set Is Out Now


Those bloody charmers at Wizards of the Coast have dropped their latest Magic: The Gathering set, and this one’s a gorgeous assembly of fairytale magic and tantalising tales.

Wilds of Eldraine takes MtG fans back to the titular world of Eldraine, this time deeper into its darkest corners where wonder and danger await in equal measure. It’s all brought to life with a combination of enchanting art and adventurous mechanics to truly sell the fantasy.

Some of the highlights in the set include the return of the Adventure card type, which was introduced in Throne of Eldraine and give casting players the opportunity to send the applicable card on a lil’ adventure before it’s played as usual. You can see an example of this in our exclusive preview of the Pollen-Shield Hare card. New mechanics like Bargain add new strategic options, Celebrations to commemorate your prowess in playing nonland permanents and a new type of token called Roles.

I had the opportunity to get a feel for some of these new card types and mechanics in the context of a chaotic six-way game of Commander at an event led by WotC and it’s all a ton of fun and really sells the chaotic and whimsical brand of fairytale adventure that this set is trying to create.

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For the collectors there are also the gorgeous Enchanting Tales cards to find in each pack for wonderfully-reprinted enchantments, including more incredible anime art and shimmering Confetti Foil treatments, making this a beautiful set to behold.

You can learn more about Wilds of Eldraine on the official website for the set, and grab packs and boosters from Amazon:

Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine On Amazon