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Here Are Two Exclusive Magic The Gathering: Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Card Previews

Yee, and also, haw.

Magic: The Gathering’s next big set, Outlaws Of Thunder Junction, is gearing up for launch on April 19th, and we’ve got not one but two exclusive card previews to whet your appetite for cows and boys.

Outlaws Of Thunder Junction will see players enter the Wild, Wizardly West for ridin’, shootin’ and just general highfalutin’. There’ll be outlaws, sheriffs and everything you’d expect, but with all the magic and fantasy you’d want from a Magic: The Gathering release.

If you’re ready to put on your cowboy hat and arseless chaps and yee your little haw out, you can mosey on over to the official page for Magic: The Gathering: Outlaws Of Thunder Junction and don’t forget to attend your local pre-release event for the set – you can head here to locate your nearest pre-release at a Wizards Play Networks store.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at our exclusive previews of two of the brand-new cards in MtG’s Outlaws Of Thunder Junction release. I present you…


Outcaster Trailblazer is a 4/2 green Creature – Human Druid card with a mana cost of 2{G} that features the new Plot mechanic introduced in Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Plot allows the player who possesses Outcaster Trailblazer to pay the same 2{G} cost when the card is in their hand and exile it instead of playing it, then cast it later (as a sorcery) without paying any further mana. It feels like a play on the idea of a scheming, Wild West villain hatching their plans and biding their time in the shadows.

Outcaster Trailblazer’s other listed effects including adding one mana of any colour when it enters the battlefield, and allowing the controlling player to draw a card whenever another creature of at least 4 power enters the battlefield under their control.

The card’s art comes from Denys Tsiperko.

mtg outlaws


The next card is Terror of the Peaks, a red 5/4 Creature – Dragon with a 3{R}{R} mana cost and flying. It has two listed effects, one being that any spells that an opponent casts that target Terror of the Peaks incur an additional cost of 3 life to cast.

The other says that Terror of the Peaks deals damage to any target when another creature enters the battlefield under your control, equal to said creature’s power.

The card art comes from Joshua Raphael.

mtg outlaws

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