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Dying Light 2 Is Getting A Heap Of New Features Including Firearms And A Nightmare Difficulty

You're gonna need those guns.

Techland has just outlined its roadmap of new free content and updates for Dying Light 2 over the coming months, and dedicated players have a whole lot to look forward to from new missions, enemy types, gear and gameplay mechanics to quality-of-life improvements and systems overhauls.

Notably, the game will finally be introducing firearms – something that players have been asking for since the game launched early last year. Dying Light 2 does already have one almost-firearm in the form of a scrap shotgun that can sit in players’ equipment slots, but this looks to be a proper implementation with the trailer showing off just a single, devastating-looking pistol with hopefully more gun types to come.

Also being added is a new Nightmare difficulty, which will be exciting for those that love to die, and the implementation of cross-gen saves. There’ll be new co-op missions on the way, replayable GRE anomalies, new visual options, added quality-of-life features like weapon repairing, new enemy types and heaps more. You can get a good look at what’s on the way in the trailer below:

“Here’s a sneak peek at some of the free content coming this fall and winter. Everything shown will be part of regular game updates, available to all DL2SH owners. Oh, did we mention firearms? Stay tuned for more details!”

We gave Dying Light 2 a solid 8/10 at launch last year in our review, saying “Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a solid step-up from Dying Light in almost every way. Still, its increased emphasis on storytelling feels entirely misguided to the point where it’s narratively worse than Dying Light. Despite this, Dying Light 2 has fantastic traversal, satisfying combat, and some great quest design and variety that makes it Techland’s best.”