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Devolver Digital Has Acquired Astroneer Developer System Era

In great hands, I reckon.

Devolver Digital has announced that it’s acquired developer Seattle-based developer System Era, bringing the studio into the Devolver fold as a first-party studio after what the publisher calls “almost a decade of mutual admiration and friendship.”

In a press release, Devolver revealed that it had almost published System Era’s hit sci-fi sandbox adventure, Astroneer, eight years ago, making this acquisition something of a full-circle moment after that early missed opportunity.

Brendan Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of System Era, said of the acquisition, “We’ve always seen Devolver’s banner as a mark of quality. Their developer-first ethos has paved the way for some of the boldest and most creative ideas to thrive, and we’re thrilled to be joining a merry band of like-minded people where our games will get the support they need within a culture they love.”

It was also revealed that System Era is currently hard at work on something brand new alongside its roadmap for Astroneer in 2024.

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And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Devolver announcement without a silly video, so here’s that:

System Era also published its own blog post announcing the news, where it said, “When we started System Era, our goal was to build a game unlike any we had seen before. We wanted to build a company we ourselves would love to work for. We succeeded beyond our hopes. But we have new ambitions, and making the kinds of games we want to make was going to require new partnerships of one kind or another that would each change System Era, for better or worse.

“This partnership, working in-house with Devolver, lets us focus on what we love, the way we love to do it. We don’t shed independence lightly. But with Devolver, we don’t think System Era is losing independence, we think it’s finding a home among a like-minded confederation of talented people, under a banner that is synonymous with the indie ethos, and we can’t wait to continue our journey, together.”