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Remnant 2’s First DLC Expansion Is Coming This Month And Here’s What To Expect

Sounds huge!

Developer Gunfire Games has revealed the first big DLC expansion for its well-received sequel, Remnant 2, which launched earlier this year. Dubbed The Awakened King, it’s releasing on November 17th and will feature a brand-new storyline set in a mysterious area within the world of Losomn.

Here’s what Gunfire says players can expect from The Awakened King:

New Storyline, Dungeons, and Area in the World of Losomn: Delve deeper into the mysterious realm of Losomn, and uncover the harrowing narrative of the One True King, whose mind has been tainted by the Root’s corruption, driving him to seek revenge against those who oppose him.

Introducing The Ritualist Archetype: This new character archetype excels at utilizing status effects to torment their foes. Further details about this enigmatic figure will be unveiled as the DLC’s launch date draws near.

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A Wealth of Items and Powerful Weapons: Equip your survivor with a wide array of new weapons, modifications, amulets, and rings, essential for survival in the perilous, redesigned Losomn.

New Bosses, Characters, and Fearsome Creatures: The ocean depths yield mysterious threats and survivors of unknown origin, adding new layers of challenge for players as they traverse the chaos-ridden streets.

There’s also a new trailer to go along with the announcement, though it doesn’t exactly reveal a whole lot, it certainly sets up for a hell of an adventure: