Cult Of The Lamb: Sins Of The Flesh Is A Free Major Update Coming Early Next Year [UPDATED]

Spit roast cancelled.

Update 28/11: Thanks to the fine reporting at Kotaku, we’ve since learned that this update might not be as saucy as we’d once hoped. If the title “Sins of the Flesh” had conjured any thoughts of a tender lamb moment, banish them.

Massive Monster has revealed that this will be more of a dry rub, in response to the concerns of folks who play the game where you can perform ritual sacrifices and force feed cultists shit, in front of their kids (obviously parents are free to make their own choices!!).

Anyway, your cult’s next (literal) stag do isn’t going to involve as much raw meat as you might have thought.

Aussie studio Massive Monster has revealed that it’s got yet another major, and totally free, content update coming to its smash hit animal cultist simulator, Cult of the Lamb.

While proper details are still thin on the ground, it’s been revealed that it’s titled Sins of the Flesh and will be launching “very early” next year with new features, stories and more. The studio has promised more updates on what to expect across the coming weeks, and has apparently already been dropping hints right under our noses.

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Massive Monster said, “We have been working extremely hard on this update, and it’s packed full of features, stories and much, much more. Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks because we will be posting more spoilers,” before revealing it’s already been posting cheeky hints all year. Guess it’s time to go trawling through their social media for more clues – although the modesty-protecting leaves and slithering one-eyed-snake in the promo art are a bit of a giveaway that this one is going to be one saucy rack of lamb.

We gave Cult of the Lamb an 8/10 in our review when it first launched in 2022, saying “Cult of the Lamb is sure to be a homegrown success on the back of its tremendous presentation, which is helped along by captivating notions of cultism and devotion. I just wish there was more of an accord between the game’s working parts, which ultimately feels like a game of two individually brilliant halves.”