EB Games Is Slinging Double Trade Bonuses On Games Right Now

More carrot juice for the squeeze.

EB Games has kicked off its “Trade-A-Palooza” promotional event, encouraging shoppers around the nation to gather up their old (but not too old) games, consoles and accessories and haul them into their local for a reward.

There are a number of console trade deals on offer, like a Nintendo Switch OLED console with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Nintendo Switch Online for $199 after trading an original Switch and three eligible games, but the bit that’s going to interest most punters is the offer of doubled trade bonuses on all current-gen games.

The bonuses will depend on your EB World level, but from now until December 12th you’ll be able to get anywhere from 10% extra to 50% extra on top of the original trade value of your PS5, Xbox Series X or Switch games:

There’s also the offer of a PS5 Slim for $299 (digital) or $389 (disc) if you’re desperate to upgrade/downsize and chuck ’em your existing disc PS5 with three games, though the benefits of doing so aren’t exactly huge unless you’re one of the unlucky folks rocking an IKEA TV cabinet that the mammoth OG PS5 just won’t slot into. You can find that here.