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GTA 6’s Debut Trailer Has Some Incredible References To Real-Life Viral Florida Moments

Ah, Florida.

Now that the premiere trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has been out for over a day and definitely taken the world by storm, fans have started to pick up on some of the gags and references within the trailer, which shows Rockstar going out of its way to paint a very stark picture of how its satire of Florida, especially the city of Miami, will play out in the full game.

Of course, in-game we know them as the state of Leonida and Vice City, but there’s absolutely no mistaking the two especially as the video seemingly contains several unmistakable nods to iconic viral moments in real life.

While not all of them are actually “Floridian” moments, like the dual-hammer-wielding Karen who’s actually from Los Angeles, they definitely all embody what the world has collectively come to know as the “Florida Man” spirit. Not to mention the shocking reality that those harrowing ‘gator invasions in a household pool and store are genuinely based on actual events.

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IGN shared what’s probably the best side-by-side comparison of what fans have picked up on, which you can see below:

In case you’ve somehow missed it, the first ever trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is below, and if you’re keen to find out as much as possible (and as much as Rockstar has actually let on so far) you can check out our rundown here.