den of wolves

Den of Wolves Is The Next Title From The Original Creators Of Payday

Back on that heist shit.

After a very successful four year run with their cooperative horror shooter in GTFO, 10 Chambers is has taken to the stage at The Game Awards once again to announce their next title – Den of Wolves. We were lucky enough to get an early look at Den of Wolves ahead of the showcase and got a better idea of what you can expect from 10 Chambers’ second title.

Touted as a game that’s been in making for over a decade now, Den of Wolves is a return to the heisting format with a dystopian sci-fi twist. A summation of all the lessons learnt from previous games collated into a more accessible and finely tuned experience that isn’t as hardcore as GTFO but still looks to challenge players like Payday does.

den of wolves

Set in an unregulated innovation zone called Midway City, Den of Wolves explores what happens when corporations aren’t bound by legal and ethical considerations in business. As a gun for hire, you aren’t much better, aiding and hurting these corporations as you get involved with their conflicts for monetary gain.

Midway City’s financial allure means it’s highly dense with limited real-estate. It’s a cultural melting pot of a cyberpunk-style city inspired by classics like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and Judge Dredd just to name a few. It’s an imperfect and lawless setting that sounds perfect for the kind of experience Den of Wolves is trying to create.

While Den of Wolves is pivoting away from the hardcore appeal of GTFO, 10 Chambers made sure to emphasise that they still want difficulty and progression to play key roles in the reason players keep coming back to the game. Four player co-op also has a renewed focus on streamlined progression and lowering barriers to entry in an attempt to bring players together. There was also emphasis placed on dynamism as players fluctuate in and out of stealth, which is more akin to the control afforded by GTFO’s systems.

Despite not having a release window, Den of Wolves is sounding like a mighty promising return to the heisting formula that’ll scratch an itch very few games can. There’s no doubt that these games have grown in popularity immensely since the original Payday, but few titles are yet to reach the heights of that experience and its excellent sequel. While you wait, GTFO’s eighth and final Rundown, Duality, is live right now!