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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Director Has Already Figured Out The First Act Of Larian’s Next Game

All eyes are on this one.

After Baldur’s Gate 3 studio Larian’s founder and CEO Swen Vincke confirmed late last year that the team’s next big project was in the works, the developer has now shared on social media that he’s “figured out” the first act of said game.

The studio head said in the first tweet in a thread, “Been a great morning! After 4 months of rewriting and rewriting and abandoning ideas and then revisiting them, finally figured out what act 1 on this thing I’ve been working on needs to be. Quote me when it’s revealed to see how much of today’s draft survives. I suspect a lot.”

Of course, it’s clearly still early days for any kind of new project and Vincke was quick to clear up that things could change drastically once the wider team is involved, adding, “That said – I haven’t shared it with anyone yet so it may be they all think it’s bad and then I’ll just kill this thread, go sit in a corner with my dog and pretend none of this happened. And press CTRL+ENTER and start all over again. But I think I really like this one.

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“Also – it’s not what you think and this is not an teaser for an announcement. Just am genuinely excited about where this is going and wanted to share some of my excitement . It’ll be quite some time before we talk about this.”

Whatever shape this new project ends up taking, all eyes are going to be on Larian going forward after the absolutely monumental success of Baldur’s Gate 3 which cleaned up at awards shows in 2023 and has seen huge support since launch including the recent ports to Xbox Series X|S consoles.

We gave the PC and PS5 version of the game a huge 10/10 in our review, saying “Baldur’s Gate 3 is a landmark achievement for CRPGs and gaming at large. The only thing more staggering than its immense scope and density of systems is the quality in which it’s all presented. Its unwavering flexibility and accommodation for player choice is intoxicating, and the replay value on offer here will no doubt cement Baldur’s Gate 3 as a timeless and regularly revisited masterpiece. For a game as rich and complex as this, it also works surprisingly well on console.”