Quake Fans Are Losing It Over A Potential Tease In The Indiana Jones Trailer


The upcoming new Indiana Jones game, subtitled The Great Circle and coming from Wolfenstein: The New Order developer MachineGames, recently had its big first reveal during last week’s Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct and did a pretty good job of impressing the world with what looks like a killer blend of the studio’s pedigree and a good ol’ whip-cracking Indy adventure.

The fun didn’t stop there though, with a blink-and-you’ll miss it detail sparking excitement around a completely different franchise – Quake. The tease was spotted by folks over on the Quake subreddit, who noticed that a whiteboard in one studio shot features what looks like the last four characters in the title “QUAKE 6” accompanied by what also appears to be the Quake logo. Naturally, this has sparked some conservative excitement among Quake fans, especially coupled with the fact that MachineGames recently contributed a completely new single-player expansion to last year’s modern remaster of Quake II.

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You’d be forgiven for asking where Quake 5 is, of course, but it’s widely assumed that 2017’s/2022’s Quake Champions represents the fifth mainline entry. So it’s very plausible that, with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle launching at some point this year, MachineGames could already be in the early stages of working on Quake 6. Or it knows more about goings-on at fellow Bethesda studio id Software than the rest of us. Or, we’re all doing far too much theorising and the whiteboard actually says “CAKE 6” or perhaps “ALAN WAKE 6”?

Time will tell.

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Image via Reddit