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Footage Of A Cancelled Call Of Duty: Future Warfare Game From Neversoft Has Appeared Online

Tony Hawk's Future Warfare

Footage of a cancelled “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” game has surfaced online, showing an in-progress build from a scrapped entry in development at Tony Hawk Pro Skater studio Neversoft.

The footage shows a game that would’ve been set around 30-50 years in the future and takes place in a fairly complete-looking campaign mission on the moon. After the video surfaced, former Neversoft game director Brian Bright took to the replies to shed some light on what’s being shown.

Bright says the studio pivoted from Guitar Hero to working on this game, which would’ve had low-gravity moments in its moon missions. The former game director wrote, “This was NX1, after IW imploded and split into Respawn Neversoft pivoted from Guitar Hero to make a futuristic COD game. This mission was on the moon, some experiments with low g and was really about the team learning the engine. We were making GH games on our THPS engine prior.”

You can see the footage below:

Bright also added that Neversoft’s CoD game would have probably launched in place of 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, saying, “I believe this would have been in place of Ghosts, trying to remember. We had 2-3 campaign missions, and a bunch of MP work done (I was mp lead on this) before cancellation. One thing we really liked in mp was the first Escort mode in COD. There is footage out there on this.”

And of course, some multiplayer footage has made its way out into the world, showing a map that was apparently titled “Sandstorm” and was using mostly Modern Warfare 2 assets in its present form as the team didn’t have a lot of art staff at the time. Bright says low-G fighting on the moon was even tested for multiplayer but ultimately scrapped: