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EB Games Is Slinging Double Trade Bonuses For The Next 10 Days

Cash and carrot.

If you’ve got old, unplayed games or dust-covered gaming accessories cluttering up your space and you’re too time-starved to fuss with Gumtree or eBay, old mate EB Games is currently having a sale offering up increased bounties on your unwanted goodies.

Between now and February 18th, EB World members will see their trade bonuses doubled, meaning whatever the over-and-above value you normally get for your EB World level is going to worth twice as much, and making this as good a time as any to head to your local with that box you’ve been meaning to haul in. EB’s base trade values are typically nothing to get excited about but we’ve seen some people absolutely clean house during these promotions.

Here are the new values for the next 10 days:

  • EB World Level I  – 10% extra trade value
  • EB World Level II  – 20% extra trade value
  • EB World Level III  – 30% extra trade value
  • EB World Level IV  – 40% extra trade value
  • EB World Level V  – 50% extra trade value

You can find all of the information on what games, consoles and accessories are eligible for trade-in here, and more on the EB World program here.