palworld ds

Here’s What Palworld Would Look Like If It Launched On The Nintendo DS

In some regions it would be NTSCworld.

The folks at 64 Bits on YouTube, who have a bit of a series going where they imagine what modern video games would look like if they were “demade” for retro systems, have gone ahead and made probably the most fitting demake of all – a version of viral Xbox and PC hit Palworld that looks just like a Nintendo DS-era Pokémon game.

The brisk, minute-long video teases a theoretical Palworld Demake for Nintendo DS complete with box art and a crude 3D cinematics. All of the Palworld hallmarks are here like exploration, crafting, foraging, capturing, battling, firearms and horrifying animal abuse. Even the score and sound effects have been re-done for that classic feel.

You can watch it for yourself, along with some other fantastic demake concepts like Stray for the Game Boy or Elden Ring for the SNES, below:

“It’s 2006 and Palworld just came out on the Nintendo DS! This is the 11th demake in the series, where we take modern games and imagine them on retro consoles.

“This time, we’ve made Pal World for the Nintendo DS! There is a lot of inspiration from Pokémon Ranger, Black, White, Diamond, Pearl, basically all the DS Pokemon titles. But we also looked at games like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and even a bit of Chibi Robo Park Patrol! (One of Niels’ favorite games on the DS!)” – 64 Bits.