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Converse Is Dropping A Whole Dungeons & Dragons Range Next Week So RIP My Bank Account

Feats for feets.

Somebody hide my wallet and phone because I’ve just learned of Converse’s upcoming line-up of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Chucks and I fear I may throw all of my gold at them.

Launching globally (yay!) on April 11th, the range includes two Chuck 70 designs, featuring first edition D&D illustrations, characters, and graphics which nod to the history of the game, such as dice-inspired patches, alongside some added Chuck Taylor All Star models, a trucker hat and four t-shirts. Phew.

The shoes look hot, and would 100% be something I’d happily wear out without feeling like I’m going to be called out for being a tabletop nerd, but on closer inspection are packed with small details that D&D enjoyers will get a kick out of.

You can already browse the full collection on the Converse Australia website right here, as well as sign up for alerts to be reminded when it goes live at 11.30 AM AEDT on Thursday, April 11th.

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