Fallout Vault 33

An Actual Fallout Vault Has Opened For One Day Only In Sydney


Prime Video is leaving no stones unturned for today’s launch of Fallout on Prime Video. It’s been revealed that Vault 33 has been opened in underground Sydney and it’s open for one day open to the public.

For today only (Thursday), you can book in between 12pm and 5pm to get an exclusive look at the Vault 33 Underground, which has been cleverly crafted underground in Sydney’s CBD with a bunch of cool nods to the franchise. You can make your booking HERE.

Fallout Vault 33

In a collaboration that we weren’t expecting, the underground vault is being presented by TRG’s Gavin Rubeinstein (a realtor on Prime Video’s Luxe Listing Sydney) who had the below to say about the property: ““Welcome home. This is the future of living in Australia – “Vault 33”. After touring these intimate living and dining spaces, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to live above-ground. In a property market defined by scarcity, “Vault 33” presents the perfect, long-term and sustainable solution”

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The entire first series of Fallout is available to stream starting today and you can do so HERE. 

We reviewed the series and said: “With a surprisingly riveting original story to tell, Fallout is a rollicking ride through all-too familiar wastes. It might not prove to set the world on fire, though with enough fan service to shake a Ripper at, it’s assured to set a fire in the hearts of long-time fans.”