Ubisoft Has Clarified Its Controversial Star Wars Outlaws Jabba The Hutt DLC

“Is the reward not satisfactory?”

After a fairly heated response from fans following the unveiling of Star Wars Outlaws’ release date, various special editions and Season Pass , Ubisoft has provided some much-needed clarification on one of the more contentious issues – a Season Pass-exclusive mission featuring Jabba the Hutt.

On revealing the existence of Star Wars Outlaws’ multiple editions and Season Pass content, already a sore spot for many with the digital-only Ultimate Edition of the game priced at an eye-watering $200, Ubisoft had announced that Season Pass owners would get access to a special mission featuring Jabba himself. “Play the exclusive Jabba’s Gambit mission at launch,” the description read. “Just as Kay is putting together a crew for the Canto Bight heist, she receives a job from Jabba the Hutt himself. Turns out that ND-5 owes Jabba a debt from years ago, and he has come to collect.”

Naturally, this had Star Wars fans concerned that Ubi was locking a hugely iconic character behind a bonus mission tacked onto the game’s more expensive versions, especially when considering that Jabba the Hutt has appeared in the game’s trailers and key art. Now though, Ubisoft has assured fans that Jabba and his Hutt Cartel are a frequent feature in the core game and one of the main syndicates that Kay will deal with, so no added content will be needed to interact with them.

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“To clarify, Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel are one of the main syndicates in Star Wars Outlaws and will be part of the experience for everyone who purchases the game, regardless of edition,” a Ubisoft spokesperson has told IGN. “The ‘Jabba’s Gambit’ mission is an optional, additional mission with the Hutt Cartel along Kay and Nix’s journey across the Outer Rim. This mission will be available to those who purchase the season pass or an edition of the game which includes the season pass.”

Star Wars Outlaws is launching on August 30th, putting players in the shoes of the cunning scoundrel, Kay Vess, as she navigates the seedy underworld of The Outer Rim and hunts a prize that will lead her to freedom while being hunted herself.

Coming from Ubisoft Massive, it’s set to be a massive open-world adventure across multiple planets and with plenty of new and old Star Wars places and faces to get acquainted with. You can see our freshly-updated guide to pre-orders, unlock dates, trade deals and everything else right here.