A New Official GTA 6 Page Has Briefly Appeared With Release Date And Screenshot Sections

Could we be nearing a reveal?

While we still haven’t heard anything official out of the Rockstar camp since the game’s debut announcement trailer last year, Grand Theft Auto VI continues to loom over the games industry like growing vortex ready to swallow the landscape whole whenever it eventually releases.

While we all wait to find out exactly when that’s going to be, fans are naturally jumping on any miniscule movements or hints from Rockstar and the game out of sheer anticipation, and a very small new development has people speculating that we might be around the corner from some news.

In the past twelve hours or so, folks had discovered an update to the Rockstar Games website’s database that introduced a new page for GTA VI, which included the singular trailer, along with categories for Screens, Specifications, Developer, Platform, Rating and Release Date. Of course no actual information was filled out in these sections but it definitely seems as though someone at Rockstar was starting to put together a landing page for the game which will eventually include all of these details.

Said page has since been removed (the code can still be seen to verify it once existed), but given the length of time since the initial reveal and with Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two planning an investor call next week on May 16th, it does seem somewhat believable that a release date announcement and more details could land in the very near future.

A bot that has been set up on X to scrape Rockstar’s website has also recently started posting about new screenshots added to the backend that could appear soon. If real it’ll be interesting to see whether it manages to push these new images out before Rockstar has the chance to and has its thunder stolen again.

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Kotaku’s Zack Zweizen reported a couple of months ago, citing sources with knowledge of the situation, that Rockstar may be considering pushing back the release of Grand Theft Auto VI as far as 2026.

Of course, any release targets are still wholly internal with the game’s internet-breaking debut trailer only revealing a vague “2025” window, but the report from Kotaku claims that Rockstar’s management is concerned that development on the game is “falling behind,” which is seemingly one of the contributing factors in its recent return-to-office mandate.

Supposedly, Rockstar has been aiming for an “early 2025” launch for the game, but is prepared to move that to later in the year or even all the way back into 2026 as an emergency option.

At the time of writing, the GTA VI reveal trailer has racked up 189 million views: