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A New Jurassic World Game Is Coming From The Developers Of The Jurassic World Evolution Series

Rawr XD

Frontier Developments, the developer and publisher behind the excellent Jurassic World Evolution park management sims, has revealed that it’s signed a deal with Universal to develop a third game based on the franchise. The game, which hasn’t been confirmed to be a follow-up to the Evolution games or something new entirely, is slated to launch between June 1st, 2025 and May 31st, 2026 – potentially putting it in line with the release of a new Jurassic World film on July 2nd, 2025.

In the same statement shared, Frontier says it plans to release at least one new “creative management simulation” title per year over the next three consecutive financial years, including Jurassic World, which suggests that the third title will follow in the dinosaur-sized footsteps of its predecessors, if not necessarily in name. Prior to this, another new “CMS” game from Frontier’s own IP will launch at some point in its FY25 and will be announced in the coming months.

“We are delighted to reveal that we are developing a third Jurassic World game to extend our collaborative relationship with Universal Products & Experiences for our best-selling game franchise.  Our Jurassic World Evolution game franchise has showcased great creative and technical expertise in CMS games and the strength of our select, develop, launch, and nurture strategy in the genre. I very much look forward to providing more information on our exciting plans for the franchise in the future.”

Frontier most recently launched the console edition of, Planet Zoo, which I reviewed here and scored a 7/10, saying, “Planet Zoo is a fantastic zoo management sim with a heap of depth and flexibility, along with some welcome incorporation of important conservationist messaging. It’s also packed with gorgeous-looking animals to fawn over. The Console Edition’s long-awaited arrival isn’t without some frustrating quirks, mostly when it comes to controls, but the overall experience is mostly intact and still very enjoyable over a chill weekend.”