no mans sky adrift

No Man’s Sky’s New Adrift Update Makes Space Lonely Again

And a bit spooky, if you ask me.

It’s incredible to think that No Man’s Sky, a game that launched to a fairly cold reception almost 8 years ago, is now going strong and into its third major, titled update for 2024 alone. Following on from the Omega and Orbital updates, the latest – titled Adrift – promises yet another unique experience within the game that keeps on giving.

And strangely enough, despite eventually evolving into the multiplayer-ready, populous intergalactic experience that most of us had dreamed of playing since the game was first announced, Adrift is about to do the complete opposite for No Man’s Sky – make players feel completely alone.

Taking place in an alternate universe, Adrift effectively removes all intelligent life from the equation. No other beings, which means no traders, no working stations, no help at all. And to make matters more challenging you’ll have to contend with roaming sandworms and a spread of fiend eggs making opportune use of the lack of outside interference. You’ll find no buildings that aren’t piles of rust and rubble, although you’ll have access to the Iron Vulture – a new bulky Hauler starship to claim as safe haven. Oh, and there’s a ghostly frigate out in space, beckoning to be found.

Adrift promises to be an altogether more dangerous and tense survival experience then, and should be a welcome trial for those hardened on the standard survival gameplay.

Aside from the new gameplay experience this new update, which was originally intended to be a new Expedition but has blown out in scope, will also come with plenty of improvements to the game, new content, rewards and even some added ship customisation options.

You can find out even more about No Man’s Sky: Adrift and view the full patch notes right here, and you can check out an appropriately-bleak new trailer for the update below: