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The Hottest (And Coolest) New MSI PC Components Revealed At Computex 2024

We're big fans, and so are these.


MSI stands as a world leader in AI PC, gaming, productivity and content creation – constantly breaking the barriers of performance and engineering to craft the future of technology. Find out more about MSI at Computex 2024 here:

With Computex 2024 in full swing, MSI has debuted a number of exciting new technologies, especially for those of us inclined towards the world of PC gaming and the nitty-gritty of gaming PC builds.

We’ve already taken a look at MSI’s new pre-built rigs, graphics cards, motherboards, storage, networking and more being shown off at the event, but none of that would be any good without the backbone of a case, power supply and cooling. So let’s check out what goodies the company is debuting this week:

You Might Be Cool, But Are You Liquid Cool?

MSI’s range of AIO Liquid Coolers at Computex 2024 are all about value, ease of installation and good looks.

The coolers are made from high-quality materials, and the CORELIQUID P, I, and A Series (newly debuted at Computex) coolers feature ARGB Gen 2 LED support for some super slick lighting patterns and animations. And with a special UNI Bracket design, you can work with both Intel and AMD sockets using a single, pre-installed bracket to make installation painless and future changes easy.

The MAG CORELIQIOD P series takes aesthetics a step further with its 4.3″ IPS panel, a huge upgrade from the previous 2.4” panel in the D Series. It’s adjustable and perfectly fits MSI’s 270-degree panoramic cases, giving you flexibility to customise the display and have it look incredible in a complete system.

New Liquid Cooling Reveal: MPG P Series and MAG A Series

I’ve Got The Power

What good is a PC or any of these components with power, though? It might seem like one of the more boring aspects of a build, but if MSI has anything to say with the newly-unveiled MEG Ai1600T PCIE5 and MPG A1200GS PCIE5 power supplies, it doesn’t have to be!

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Both future-proofed with support for ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards and dual native 16-pin PCIe power connectors, these giants of juice are ready to handle whatever components you use for gaming, productivity and AI/ML with ease. The new MPG GS Series power supply in particular, available in 1200W, 1000W and 850W variants and set to launch before the end of 2024, is optimized for minimal noise and simple, good-looking cable management.

Power Up Your PC Build: Exploring Advanced Power Supply

Case Closed

For those that don’t mind the “gamer” aesthetic, MSI’s new MPG VELOX 300R AIRFLOW PZ mid-tower PC case is a bit sexy, available in both black and white variants toward the end of this year. The angular, metal and aluminum design not only looks great but allows for good ventilation and cooling, using MSI’s exclusive dual layer 160 mm fan design to concentrate airflow and enhance stability between the inner and outer blades.

We’re also absolutely in love with the new Modern Series case though, which boasts a gorgeous, mixed-material and minimalist design with aluminum frame and maple wood accents. If you’re someone with a lot of white peripherals and maybe way too much IKEA furniture, this is the case for you. It doesn’t skim on functionality either with support for new back-connect motherboards, various fan sizes and more.

The Perfect Pair for Your Components: New Style Chassis

You can read more about these new motherboard innovations from MSI along with all of its other Computex 2024 announcements and new products right here.