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The Casting Of Frank Stone’s Release Date Looks To Have Been Revealed Early

I'm excited, to be Frank.

The release date for The Casting of Frank Stone, an upcoming single-player horror title set within the world of Dead by Daylight and developed by Supermassive Games, has seemingly been revealed early thanks to the community of Dead by Daylight dataminers unearthing promotional messaging set to be included in the game.

Over on r/LeaksDBD, user “WazzupTheGreat” has shared what looks to be references to the game as part of a pre-order campaign within Dead by Daylight, which includes a short description of the title that also mentions a release date of September 3rd.

If the information provided is accurate, it’s curious that the release date wasn’t revealed during this month’s Summer Game Fest activities given how close it is, but there’s no telling if things could have changed in the meantime.

The Casting of Frank Stone is poised to be a thrilling narrative game set in the world of the hit horror multiplayer title, imbuing the franchise with Supermassive’s trademark style where players’ every decision matters in shaping the story, its outcome and the fate of its characters. It’ll be an exciting one for Dead by Daylight fans especially, offering an all-new look at the wider world of the franchise in a completely original story, set in the town of Cedar Hills as a group of young friends find themselves at the mercy of the blood-soaked legacy of Frank Stone – a legacy that ripples across generations and the very fabric of reality itself.

You can see a recent “gameplay trailer” for the game below:

“We’re always looking at ways to offer different experiences to the Dead by Daylight community,” said head of partnerships at Behaviour, Mathieu Côté, when The Casting of Frank Stone was officially unveiled. “Our players have been interested in a single-player narrative experience for quite some time, and we’re excited to expand the Dead by Daylight universe and explore new territory with Supermassive games, a studio that is at the forefront of modern video game storytelling.”

“Crafting unique, immersive stories is what we’re passionate about at Supermassive Games,” added creative director, Steve Goss. “We’re massive horror fans and are incredibly excited for the opportunity to tell a completely original story set in the terrifying universe of Dead by Daylight. Expect emotional, tense moments and twists and turns as you get to know a new cast of characters outside of The Entity’s Realm.”