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The First Descendant Is Getting Updated Icon Art After Those Destiny 2 Plagiarism Concerns


Update: In the wake of ongoing criticism over icons that appear to be ripped off near-wholesale from art in Bungie’s mammoth looter-shooter, Destiny 2, Nexon has confirmed that it plans to update The First Descendant’s assets.

The company gave a statement to IGN, addressing reports from Forbes’ Paul Tassi that compared icon art from both games and found alarming similarities between the two, and although it hasn’t offered a reason as to how these icons might have made it into the game or how they were produced, it’s at least committed to fixing things.

“The First Descendant, as a looter shooter game, was developed with a deep affection and respect for other games in the genre,” the statement reads. “Destiny 2, being a globally renowned looter shooter game, is also personally admired and respected by the team, and it has served as an inspiration during the development process. We have taken the concerns raised seriously and decided to make adjustments to ensure that the imagery that may appear similar clearly reflects the unique identity of our game. We will continue to improve the game for fans of the looter shooter genre.”

Despite this controversy, and middling reviews, The First Descendant is doing quite well for itself, managing to reach 10 million players in just its first week of availability.

Original Story: Despite huge popularity in its opening days, The First Descendant has had a bit of a rough start since it launched last week for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, rocketing up into the top positions as far as player counts goes but also succumbing to its own success with broken in-game transactions and intermittent network/performance issues.

One problem that’s cropped up that doesn’t have to do with the game’s launch woes or technical drawbacks though, is a report from Forbes that’s pointed out some worrying similarities between icon art featured in The Last Descendant and those from a peer in the looter-shooter genre, Destiny 2.

The outlet’s Paul Tassi shared a look at the offending icons that players have been noticing, with more continuing to roll in, and as is pointed out while these aren’t carbon copies, it’s hard to look at them and not believe that someone at Nexon spent time closely studying Bungie’s existing work and replicating it, if not outright copying and changing each of the icons just enough to be distinct.

Here’s a look at some of the icons in question:

shot5 copy

Image: Forbes

The Forbes article also examines a number of The First Descendant’s actual weapons and compares them to some in Destiny 2, though the links there are far more tenuous and definitely more on the “loosely inspired” side of the fence versus wholesale cloning. There’s no doubt that Nexon’s title is taking inspiration from a number of genre peers, especially Warframe, meshing together plenty of existing ideas into its own thing, so similarities are to be expected. By all accounts, it’s a good bit of fun, too.

As far as the offending icons goes, it’ll be interesting to see what happens now that so many blatant examples have been found. I’m not an IP lawyer, but there seem to be enough minor differences, and a difference in in-game context, for Bungie not to bother taking action. My best guess is we may see Nexon quietly update the icons with new art in future patches, but only time will tell.