Niantic Adresses Pokemon GO Server Issues

Pokemon GO has had an incredibly massive launch in many territories this past week, including here in Australia itself, but it appears that the game’s success has halted the game’s launch in further territories, putting their attention towards fixing existing server issues that have been plaguing certain users since the game launched earlier this week.

Niantic Labs (Pokemon GO’s main developer) CEO John Hanke has made an official statement that the company is aware of some of the server problems affecting the game in certain territories, stating that further launches in additional territories will be halted until “until we’re comfortable”, which also bodes well for existing users experiencing connection issues throughout the already launched territories. Territories affected by the delay include the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

With the insane popularity of Pokemon GO, it’s good to see that the developers are taking immediate action in regards to these technical issues. If you didn’t know already, Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS through the Google Play and iTunes stores.