Pokedex Battery Case Completes The Childhood Dream Of Catching Pokemon

Sparkfun user Npoole has completed the Pokemon catching dream by printing a Pokedex case for his Samsung Galaxy S4. You’ll be able to immediately recognise the portable Pokemon scanner and encyclopaedia device as the one that Professor Oak gave to Ash originally.

But, the 3D-printed Pokedex is more than just a case. It also packs a battery charger to ensure that your phone stays charged during the long-winded Pokemon hunts. The creator is already working on another revision that’ll include cooling fans and additional batteries.

If you’re a Pokemon GO fan with access to a 3D printer, you can download the files and create your own cases for the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6S. You can find those files HERE.

You can find more images as well as the original process in creating the device HERE.

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